Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp.

Advanced technology for the protection and maintenance of water-based flooring

The uniqueness of the company Richard James Specialty Chemicals:

Powerful pigments of RJSC: RJSC colloidal Dyes are highly resistant to leaching and streaking caused by weathering, acid rain, and power washing. They are also highly UV stable with special reds for outdoor use.

Consistency and control of topical colors: RJSC dyes are scientifically blended to meet the specifications for translucent or opaque coloring, or for staining. Unlike with acid-activated stains, there is a high degree of design flexibility plus control over application results with RJSC Colloidal Dyes. Colors, color densities and color combinations can be created to match almost any visual objective; and color does not vary from batch to batch. .

A Virtually Unlimited Palette of colors: Unlike with other integral and topical colorants, almost any color can be achieved with RJSC dyes - from the subtlest earth tones to the brightest primaries. RJSC already has a wide range of available blends, and can custom match virtually any specified color or design for a nominal fee. Call RJSC for details.

Safety, efficiency and Job-Site Ease of Use: The Colloids colors of RJSC are non-metallic and thus non-toxic to users and the environment. S-Type Dyes are sold in pre-measured volumetric units for direct add to the water for integral coloring of cement/concrete; and for addition to specified volumes of Nano-coat TK6 and StoneLok “MLT Plus” in architect- or customer-specified concentrations for topical coloring/staining.

E-Type Dyes:



Cleaning Materials:

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